The Shed project

Volunteer Applications

In completing the form for application, you will be asked to agree to these terms and conditions.

  • I understand no photos are to be taken on Shed Project premises without the permission of the management.
  • I understand that the needs of The Shed Project Kapiti come before any personal projects I may use Shed Project resources for.
  • I understand that the hours and days agreed to between me and The Shed Project Kapiti are a binding commitment, and will make efforts to inform The Shed Project Kapiti if I cannot honour them.
  • I will support the Shed Project Kapiti and the people we work with while I am volunteering.
  • I agree to a police check where required by The Shed Project Kapiti.
  • This contract will terminate in the event of serious disciplinary matters (e.g. theft, aggression towards service users/customers, excessive unexplained absences etc.)
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