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Our Manufactured Goods

We make a variety of wooden goods in our workshop. Click on a name to learn more and see images.

You can also fill out quantity and other options for a quotation. We're happy to build to your specifications!

Boxes and Blocks

Pallet boxes [hide]

Quantity ($50): Lids ($10): Rope Handles:

Boxa Blocks [hide]

Block type: 36 blocks ($40): 72 blocks ($70): 100 blocks ($120): 108 blocks ($130):

Barrow of Blocks [hide]

Quantity ($110):

Upcycled Toy Wheelbarrow [hide]

Quantity ($70):

Shelves & Storage Units

Small Shelf Unit [hide]

Quantity ($40):

Jumbo Shelf Unit [hide]

Quantity ($140):

Crate-Style Shelf Unit [hide]

Quantity ($140):

Rustic Pallet-Style Shelf [hide]

Quantity ($125):

Racks and Hooks

6-Hook Coat Rack with Shelf [hide]

Quantity ($85):

4-Hook Coat Rack with Shelf [hide]

Quantity ($70):

Rimu Spice, Egg, and Utensil Rack [hide]

Quantity ($75):

Ultimate Home Wall Unit [hide]

Quantity ($55):

Upcycled Fork Coat Hooks [hide]

Quantity ($6 each):


Recycled Pallet Coffee Table [hide]

Quantity ($130):

Recycled Pallet Stools [hide]

Short stool ($50): Tall stool ($60):

Upcycled Pallet Dining Chair [hide]

Dining chair ($65):

Cube Patio Seat [hide]

Quantity ($130):

Cube Patio Planter [hide]

Quantity ($140):


Dog Kennels [hide]

Small Kennel ($120): Medium Kennel ($170):

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